Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Belated Post

Is anyone still out there?

After not blogging for nearly a YEAR I can't imagine anyone still follows this unreliable piece of work.

And yet, I've decided (once again) to begin blogging again!  I'll do my best my friends.  I'll do my best.

What has changed in the last year?  Lets see:

- My first full year of teaching went TREMENDOUSLY well.  I still have a job.  I was voted "Favorite New Teacher." I'm still in love with my career

- I got ENGAGED.  That's kind of a big deal I guess.  Mark your calenders: 7.06.13.  Galena, IL

- Kyle and I MOVED.  Again.  We have an actual house with a huge back yard!  Also, we're having a party tonight so if you're in the area...

- I made it through my first half marathon.  And haven't run since.  Oops.  I might want to think about starting that up again.  The number on the scale keeps going up.  It's like weight and exercise are related somehow.  Hmm

- My girl crush Ann Curry was fired from her TODAY show job.  I feel very angry with NBC over that.  In fact, after Conan/Curry-gate I would completely boycott the network if it wasn't for Parks & Rec.  Crap.

And that is honestly about it.  I'm nothing if not consistent.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Run from HELL

After a thoroughly enjoyable weekend (Friday night: Ladies night with Connie! Saturday night: Awesome party at our house with great friends!) Kyle and I decided to cap it off with a 10 mile run Sunday afternoon.

If you remember, Kyle and I are training for our first ever half marathon at the end of this August.  Up until about the past 2-3 weeks, training has been going fantastic.  I've hit 10 miles several times, my leg muscles were looking rock hard, and I was feeling very confident.

Notice however, I said up until the past 2-3 weeks.  Packing, moving, and last week's heat wave have frankly destroyed our progress.  It's unbelievable how fast you can get out of shape.  But none of this was considered as we prepared for a pleasant Sunday jog.

We had no idea we were about to go on the RUN FROM HELL.

I should have known all bets were off when we stepped outside to discover an oppressive, humid heat.

I should have known all bets were off when I recognized we didn't pack enough water.

I should have known all bets were off when as soon as we arrived at the Jane Addams Trail, Kyle thought it was a good idea to rip the sleeves off his shirt and wear one of those said sleeves as a headband. 

From the front it could just be your ordinary handkerchief.

The true story is told once he turns around.

A little hilarious? Yes.  A lot embarrassing?  Yes.  Incredibly disconcerting?  Absolutely.  Kyle has since said he would like to do this with every t-shirt he owns.  God help me.

Our run quickly went from embarrassing (Kyle) to dangerous (Whitney).  It typical Whitney fashion, I was totally consumed with the beauty of nature around me, oblivious to where my feet were landing.  Within 5 minutes from the start of our run I awkwardly stepped on a large walnut, thus rolling my ankle and going into a spectacular fall consisting of numerous somersaults.  The scene concluded with intense pain, tears, a dusty body, and a sprained ankle.

Thinking that I could only consider myself a true athlete if I continued, I (unwisely) forced Kyle to go on a  wobbly, gimpy 7 mile jog at the world's. slowest. pace. ever. 

The result of our jog:

- Me running the entire time either swearing, crying, or baring my teeth like a rabid dog.

- Both of us nearly passing out from sheer exhaustion from being out of shape and in what we later found out to be a Heat Advisory

- All too quickly running out of water and contemplating drinking muddy pond water

- Not being able to get out of that damned sun and achieving that "burnt to a crisp" look 

Weird tan lines? Check.  Bright red coloring? Check.
- A swollen, painful-as-a-bitch ankle.
Excuse the ugly feet.  Notice the swelling on my left ankle, OUCH!
After this run and the past few weeks, I have to admit I'm very nervous about this half marathon.  I hope we can pull it off and we never EVER have a run this awful again!

The highlight of our dismal experience?  We met a cute little turtle friend along the way!  And while you can't see it in the picture, it would appear our turtle wasn't having the best day either; he had a large crack in his shell.

I guess as the Turtle must already know and Kyle and I found out yesterday; you can't win them all, you can't win them all.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Home is Wherever I'm with You

Not to get sappy, but I'm oozing with happiness these days.

Moving in with Kyle has been a long time coming.  Nearly nine years in fact.  Sometimes I feel like Kyle and I are on a different path than many others our age: we didn't get married straight out of college and we haven't had five kids yet.  But I am utterly content with our journey. 

Since the age of 16 I've been pretty certain that Kyle was the guy I was going to spend my life with, so I've never felt the need to rush anything.  That being said, I've wanted to live with the guy forever now but life didn't always work out in our favor.  I feel so blessed to now be with him day and night.

Prior to dating Kyle, I used to be so cynical about high school relationships that ended in marriage (despite my parents being high school sweethearts).  How could you ever marry your first love without seeing what else is out there????  After meeting Kyle, my entire view changed.  Now I know how LUCKY I am.  If you were offered a few extra years with your significant other wouldn't you want them!?  I've just never wanted to see what reside on the other side of the fence, because my lawn (in my eyes) has always been perfect.  And now I can't get away from him :)

Thus far living together has gone smoothly.  Honestly after 9 years of dating there is not much I didn't know about Kyle.  One thing I didn't quite realize the extent of; is just how active he is.  Good Lord, he doesn't. ever. stop!  I love to just relax, sit and read a book, sit and watch TV.  Kyle? Oh no.  There is always someone to see, someone to call, something to do, work to be done.  He brings the activity, I bring the zen.

And I've been trying to bring the beauty to our home.  Slowly but surely she's coming together.  (I WILL post pictures soon!)  For the most part, we are so happy with the place we got. 

The Good:
- It's an old home with tons of character and charm
- 10 ft ceilings!
- Original hard wood floors throughout
- HUGE front porch
- Deliciously perfect little nook upstairs
- The fact that it has an upstairs
- Its our first place, it's the Ritz baby

The bad:
- It's an old home with tons of character (a little "over-used" in some places) and charm (meaning someone must have been under a spell when they put that 500th coat of paint on some of these doors)
- Teeny, tiny kitchen
- Teeny, tiny bathroom
- Ummmm, hello spiders!
- The Underground Railroad, aka our terrifying limestone basement

Yet even the bad I'm beginning to love (minus the bugs).  I love my history, so I love this house.  I even just purchased two large black and white "lost photographs of Freeport" to frame and hang above our couch.  Pretty beautiful and pretty original if I do say so myself.

Yes I must say things are coming together.  I can't complain.  I have my family, I have my friends, I have my home, and I have Kyle. 

Someones in a good mood today.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


So much has changed since my last post, funny how quickly life can change.

I did not get my BC teaching job back.  I re-interviewed and did not get it.  Everyone was very honest with me that the position would go to someone else if they had 7-8 years experience.  I had a gut feeling all along that I wouldn't be back next year.  It is my personal, although unconfirmed, opinion that they had someone waiting in the wings they wanted to get in.  Despite their honesty I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hurt and angry.  Apparently hard work doesn't always get you what you want.  I did a damn good job at BC and will miss my students terribly.

But alas, things may have worked out for the better.  I interviewed at "FHS" (my old high school!) and got offered the position within a few hours of the actual interview.  A real FULL TIME teaching job!  And because I know about half of the staff already I know I'll have tons of support.

Once I got a job, things moved very quickly.  Kyle and I found a place here in town, a beautiful old duplex with lots of character.  We're just about entirely unpacked and I couldn't be happier.  We'll soon see what things I learn about dear Kyle.  He's already seeing just how OCD I can be. 

So life is once again rapidly changing.  But I am so very happy.  Now that we have a stable Internet connection I promise I'll be blogging more.  And I'll soon post pics!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fast Times at Whitney High

Things in my life have suddenly accelerated.  A lot is changing (very quickly) and it is questionable whether it is all for the best.

These numerous changes are the main reason for my recent blogging absence. Oh, and I've also been playing a little bit too much Tap Fish.  How do you waste so much time on a pointless app you ask?  Good question.

So what is ch-ch-changing?  Here is the short list

1. BAD: My car "Sassy." Just paid her off as of TODAY.  So naturally, over the weekend she started acting like a real bitch.  Currently she's (hopefully) being fixed.

2. GOOD: School is done, one week from today!

3. BAD: School is done, one week from today, meaning I have piles of work to get done!

4. GOOD: Kyle and I found an apartment we love, love, LOVE and put in our application for it.

5. BAD: Still no word on whether or not we got the aforementioned apartment

6. GOOD: Training for a 1/2 marathon in August (Thanks Nate).  Yes, that is 13.1 miles.  Yes, I have lost my mind.   No, I have never run that far in my life (current record: 6 miles).  Yes, I realize I have a loooong way to go.

6. QUESTIONABLE: My job for next year.  It was posted to internal candidates: No takers.  It is now being posted to external candidates (since it is considered a "new" position).  I will be a "preferred" interview but everyone keeps reminding me someone good, great, better than me could interview.  Thanks for the reminder.  And to make me keep sweating, the interview might not take place until EARLY JULY! Ugh!

So there you go.  My stress level as of late is through the roof.  I do believe I'm always 2.5 seconds away from a heart attack.  At least I have tap fish....at least I have tap fish.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hope Lost?

Today I am sad, I am angry, I am upset, and I am feeling a little bit hopeless.

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a teacher.  When I did my student teaching, I KNEW teaching was perfect for me.  Teaching makes me happy, I honestly feel like it is what I was born to do.

And while I don't want to whine and complain and feel sorry for myself, I am just so FRUSTRATED right now. 

We had "teaching meetings" today, and I was hoping to get some good news about my job for next year.  And while I didn't get the worst news (aka: "No job for you next year") it isn't what I would call good...by a long shot. 

To be a full time teacher at my school you must be considered 12/12.  (I am currently 4/12).  Next year my position will become 11/12.  Sounds great right?  Nearly full time!  However, it is looking quite likely that this 11/12 will in fact become a FULL time.  What's wrong with that you ask?

As soon as my position becomes full time, it will be opened to district employees, and potentially outside candidates.  I heard a rumor today that there are some Middle School teachers chomping at the bit to get into the high school.  Not good for me.  If the position is opened to outside candidates, I would have to go through the interview process (again) and could potentially face off against someone with more experience (and frankly more talent).  Again, not good for me.

I'm trying not to be dramatic, but in the pit of my stomach I just don't have a good feeling.

I want to teach!  More than anything!  Why is it so hard for me to just get/keep a job?

It is so unbelievably depressing to think about going back to subbing.  No matter what anyone says, it makes me feel like a failure.

It hurts to feel that way about  yourself.  Very much so.  And hurts to potentially not be able to do something you love. 

I've been praying for two years now to get a full time job.  I keep hoping beyond hope that something will work out for me.  But when, WHEN will it be my time?

I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed.  But after two years of failure, I think mine may be broken.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Girl Crush

I do realize I've been doing everything BUT "Blogging On" as of late.  Life for me recently has been a medley of end-of-the-year school stuff, end-of-the-season soccer stuff, deciding where Kyle and I should move to this summer, and worrying about still not getting any official word over my job for next year.  I have been busy, that is for sure.

Moving on to more important things.  Because I've been so busy lately, I've sadly not been able to watch the TODAY show very often.  This makes me upset for two reasons:
1. It's a quality program.  News, fluff, and great hosts all in hours upon hours of television = perfection!
2. It features my girl crush.

Who is she, you ask?

It's Ann Curry!!

I mean seriously, what is not to love about this woman?  She is smart, beautiful, and oh so caring.  Have you ever seen her interview someone?  Or report from a war-zone?  Or look deep into the eyes of a grieving child and let them know life will get better?  Or trade jokes with Mr. Roker?  It doesn't matter what she does, it's always quality, and it's always touching.  SHE GETS IT. 

And she is my girl crush.  And don't judge me.  And that is all.